With the upgrade to WordPress 3.4 you can embed tweets and other objects into post direct from the URL. Here’s a test: Embed Tweets direct from URL into #Wordpress blog […]

A student recently asked me where to find their Draft post on WordPress. These can be found in two locations. 1. Dashboard 2. Via Post Go to Posts in the […]

I was really disappointed to see the disappearance of the Apture Plugin from my WordPress blog. It offered really dynamic web features like linking to twitter, Linkedin, Flickr Documents and […]

Having been a very satisfied wordpress.com user for a while now I made the life changing decision to upgrade my blog, as I found myself getting increasingly frustrated at the […]

The University of Leicester’s Student Support and Development Service are currently running at graduate internship scheme called TULIP. We are encouraging the students to record their experiences by creating an […]

As a memberĀ  of staff at the University of Leicester (UoL), keen to demonstrate the capabilities of the Institutional technical offering I have been a dedicated user of the UoL’s […]