student development

New Employers Page

As part of our overhaul of the Student Development (now Careers) website we are re-developing the Employers area. This part of the site is suppose to attract and inform Employers […]

The challenge is to creat an interactive bulletin board for the content of JOBSonline for the Student Development Zone. This could either be a touch screen unit or display on […]

Leicester Award Image map

This is the graphic that AVS design created for the Leicester Award printed publications. For consistency we wanted to use the same image on the website and get it to […]

New Volunteering Homepage

Today I work with our soon to be leaving intern Helena on the Volunteering part of the Student Development website. Here is the redesigned homepage. We have made five distinct […]

MOBILE (MObile-Based Innovation, Learning & Eportfolios) is a collaborative project proposal by the the University of Leicester, University of Ulster and Aston University. The project proposed to implement Work Based […]