Interview resources on the Careers Service webpages

These are the Current pages about interviews we have on the Careers Service website. As part of the re-development this information needs to made more succinct. The table shows the Google Analytic for these pages.

PagePageviewsUnique PageviewsAvg. Time on PageBounce Rate% Exit
Typical interview questions 9861
Interview questions - academic posts251223160:07:2989.64%81.17%
Main reasons for rejection249721370:01:4473.71%40.61%
Types of interview questions 137312270:01:1392.48%55.27%
Interview Preparation 8097180:01:2791.01%48.08%
Face-to-face interviews5935430:02:5891.71%71.33%
Telephone interviews 4193880:05:0182.54%71.36%
Interview resources3352810:00:5393.65%44.18%
Interview resources (list)2191760:00:5093.27%47.95%
Impress at interview (Graduate Success Programme)59390:01:1480.95%42.37%

On the current site we also have an area called Interview Insights, which are case studies of University of Leicester students and graduates who have given their interview feedback from interviews and assessment centres. Here are the top 20

PagePageviewsUnique PageviewsAvg. Time on PageBounce Rate% Exit
Interview insights157212150:00:5375.65%46.66%
Lidl (Management)5705420:16:2387.67%85.26%
Tesco (Management)4794420:02:5190.02%86.64%
Leeds Metropolitan University (Social Work)4233960:02:1588.92%87%
Lidl (Management)3583380:23:3690.03%87.15%
University of Oxford (PGCE) 3292970:53:3287.54%83.89%
Boots (Graduate Buyer) 3203020:02:5289.32%83.12%
Atos Origin (IT Services)272
NGDP (Local Government Graduate Scheme)2362140:02:0083.33%79.24%
Majestic Wine (Management)2101820:02:4478.91%70%
Aldi (Management)2041910:15:0189.03%76.96%
Exxon Mobile (Student Placement) 1711500:02:2174.81%67.84%
John Lewis (Management)1711590:01:2988.49%78.36%
Eversheds LLP1521300:01:4084.62%75%
BP (Human Resources)1441380:02:0392.37%83.33%
Local Government (Youth Worker) 1431340:02:0191.04%90.91%
Ernst & Young (Tax) 1151060:01:2389.25%77.39%
Landmark Planning Agency (Town Planning) 103900:03:0088.24%82.52%
Peters & Peters (Paralegal)95890:01:0779.73%70.53%
University of Nottingham (Administration)90820:01:1783.33%63.33%

Further interview resources

Adobe Presenter Interview Presentation  – This was produced by John Constantinou for the Graduate Success Programme in 2008. It is a 14minute long presenation, that has received 622 views since publication. My feeling is this resource is a bit lengthy for the sort of quick advice our website should offer.

YouTube Video clips

 An older clip filmed at the Leicester Student and Graduate Fair in 2007. has received 132 views Clip featuring BBC graduate recruiter, filmed in 2010. Has been viewed 6488 times
 Simon Reichwald of the bright Futures Society gives his tips. Filmed in 2011, released 2012, has been viewed 112 times Advice bite produced for the Graduate Success Programme in 2011, Produced by Rosanne Riely and myself


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