Careers iPads – Forms App

In the Careers Service we have recently purchased a number of iPads, these are intended to be primarily used for a project we are calling ‘Pop-up Careers’, which will take careers advice and guidance out of the confines of Library, out and about interacting with students around campus. The intention is to use several features of the iPad to support this including careers guidance iBooks. I will blog more about this as the project develops.

The reason for this post is to highlight the Forms App. Our first use of our new iPads was to send students out and about with 5 iPads, to promote our Summer Careers Fair and to get them to encourage their peers to sign up for the Preparation Session. The form used to sign-up to the session was online, this presented an issue when the iPads fell off the wireless network, when outside in-between buildings. This is where the Forms App saved the day. The app links to Google Forms, but has a great ‘Offline mode feature’ where it stores the data on from the form in the app until next connected to the internet.

However, the next challenge presented to me for our up-coming Festival of Careers in the autumn is; to encourage a bit of friendly competition between the students doing the recruiting and differentiate which iPad the data is coming from. This could be an extra field on the form, but I’m sure their is another app to assist. At the Summer Fair last week, a number of the employers attending had iPads, the majority of which had self-authored corporate apps, in which case the the feature could be integrated.

Another challenge presented during the festival itself is, to enter the festival the student must have attended a preparation session. Therefore a look-up app is also required.



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