Social Media Working Party

The Learning Technology Advisory Group (LTAG) at the University of Leicester has been established to provide advice to the senior management of The University (Learning Technology Management Group (LTMG)) on choices of technology, in terms of pedagogy, usability and stability. Our advice enables LTMG to make strategic and  financial decisions.

One of are recent tasks has been to look into the core technologies of the institution. Those identified are: the Virtual Learning Environment, Screen Capture, VIdeo, Audio, Mobile, Online collaboration, Online Presentation and Social Networks (Media). I am chairing the working party of Social Networks.

For each of these technologies a working party has been formed to look into associated support needs which the institution should provide in order to encourage uptake and effective and efficient use, in the areas of:

  1. Software/service provision
    • Central purchase and updates
    • Licencing/access
  2. Training
    • Online resources (self-paced)
    • Face-to-face training (set courses)
    • Face-to-face training (contextual courses)
  3. Production
    • Technical/pedagogic assistance in creating materials
    • Production by specialists (graphic design, web, video, animation, etc.)
  4. Support
    • Technical/IT support
    • Online support for pedagogic/administrative issues
    • Contextual support for pedagogic/administrative issues
    • Exemplars/best practice
  5. Policy/Guidance
    • Quality assurance
    • Student Experience
    • Security
  6. Outreach (advertising/awareness)

For the Social Networking group, we will look at current practices used buy identified advocates and suggest how this, the most fluid of technologies, fits into this rubric.

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  1. Thanks very much for posting this, Matt. As a relatively new LTAG member, I found it very helpful to see the points explicitly outlined like this. I guess coming up with such guidelines and policies might not seem like the most exciting thing, but hopefully this will enable and support other good UoL folks to do cool things with social media. I’m generally impressed with your blog as well:-)


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