Social Media session for WISE project

Today I presented, alongside my colleague Rajinder Bhuhi, to a number of social entrepreneurs as part of the WISE (Working In Social Enterprise) project. The project involves putting University of Leicester students in work experience placements within social enterprises, also as part of the project the social entrepreneurs have access to networking and training events.  At such an event I spoke about Social Media and the role it can play in raising the awareness of a business/campaign and also support networking within sector in which a business operates.

As this was only a taster session lasting just over an hour, there wasn’t really time to go into the details of how certain Social Media work etc. So it was essentially a facilitated discussion around why social media can be useful, choosing appropriate social media to engage with and the importance of a strategy/policy of use within a business.

Here is my presentation from the session:

For the look, feel and structure of the presentation i took quite a bit of inspiration for Billy Fischer presentation Social Media for Beginners . A number of the statistics and graphic came from this Stats of the Day infographic and The Conversation Prism.

During the discussion the main concerns the entrepreneurs had were finding the time and managing accounts. I feel there is no one solution to this really, but in terms of a business it considering this during the stage of strategy.

The other interesting point that came of the discussion was “is there no such thing as bad press?”, meaning if others are negative about you on social media, is this ok and what can you do to change opinion? I’d be fascinated to hear others opinion on this.

Also for the session Rajinder and I curated a list of useful resources relating to use of social media in social enterprise.

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