What I’ve been investigating today…Spicynodes

Lucy from the Learning Development team and I have been looking into revamping our Succeed in your studies website. Today we were considering what we could do with the Find a resource section. Another colleague, Marta, recently discovered Spicynodes, a service that creates interactive Mindmap style diagrams.

We were considering, if we could organise our resources into a map and embed it into the website? Here is the first attempt:

I have to say, I’m really impressed by this service. It’s flexibility, the interface is simple and has a number of comprehensive features. When creating an item in the diagram you can embed images or YouTube videos, you can see an example of this via the ‘Manage you studies’ branch. You can also link to websites as shown here:

Spicynode interface

It is this ability link to add web-links that makes it ideal for our website, because user can explore the resources and then link directly to them. Furthermore, the diagram can also be embedded into a webpage. Here is the diagram above on a Plone page.

However, I don’t think we could present this as our main Find a resource page because it is Flash, therefore more very mobile friendly. Although I would be happy to include this as a feature of our site as an “Explore our resources’ option. The diagram may get a bit too large and complicated if we include all the resources, but could be useful for some key resources.


  1. Looks good, shame it’s Flash. I’m not using any more Flash embeds since they are now broken on so many platforms.


    1. I’m gutted it’s flash, hence why we can’t really make it a main feature on the website. Interesting for see what happens to many of these services when Flash finally dies. Whether they are all HTML5 compatible?


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