Employability PLE

I have been thinking about how to spice up my Social Media for Employability workshop for a while, trying to get the students more engaged and put the talk into more context. I delivered the session to the SIFE Leicester (Student’s in Free Enterprise) Society tonight and tried a new approach.

I started the session by asking them to consider ‘How they currently’:

  • Keep up-to-date with developments in the are you want to work/start your business?
  • Get commercial awareness?
  • Network with employers/business partners?
  • Gain an insight into recruitment/business start-up process?
  • Find jobs?
  • Promote yourself as a brand?

I got them to discuss this in groups and list/discribe their own methods, with the goal of getting them to design a Personalised Learning Environment of Employability.

After delivering the session I try to explain how the tools featured in the session fit into their PLE. Here is the diagram I came up with.

Employability PLE
Employability PLE

It is based upon a tube map or Problem Based Lines and Solution Stations. This is a similar exercise to that Zara Hooley and I plan to run in our School of Management workshop next summer. I need to consider a way of giving the students more direction of what we expect from them, without revealing the solution.


  1. I’ve given up on the PLE meme because after several years effort, I found it to be pretty ineffective in terms of conversion rate.
    It’s PLN all the way now, then you smuggle the tools in the back door 😉


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