Sir Peter Soulsby Video for WISE

Last week I produced this video of Sir Peter Soulsby, the Mayor of Leicester. This video was recorded for the launch of our Enterprise Team’s new project; Working in Social Enterprise (WISE).

This is the first interview of this nature I’ve created, with a interviewer and interviewee. The majority of the videos on our uolssds youtube channel only feature the interviewee, with the questions edited out. In this video we included the interviewer, Jack Deller, a student who has engaged in enterprise programmes.

The video was actually filmed by my intern Muhammed Khalifa, because unfortunately I was at a conference. The challenged we faced was we only had 2 cameras and one clip mic. Therefore we had to combine the technology in order to achieve all the shots we needed.

Jack asking questions
Jack asking questions

Before Sir Peter arrived we filmed Jack asking all the question in close-up, wearing the clip mic, as shown here.  As Jack was going to be positioned on the left during the actual interview, in this close-up he was filmed on the left of the screen, looking to the right of screen.

During the actual interview we positioned the cameras as shown below and Sir Peter wore the clip mic synced with the image on Camera1, to capture his answers.

camera setup
Camera Setup

Camera 1 filmed a close-up shot of Sir Peter and Camera 2 filmed the wide shot of both Jack and Sir Peter, as shown below.

Shot from camera 1: Sir Peter position to the right of the frame looking to the left of the frame. Shot from Camera 2: Captured both Jack and Sir Peter in conversation

To edit this together, for the question asking we used the sound captured during the filming of Jack, for the answers a combination of the wide shots and Sir Peter close-ups were used, with the sound captured on camera 1 used throughout.

Unfortunately we couldn’t use the wide shot during the questions as the sound captured during the interview didn’t sync with the independent shots of Jack.

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