Reviewing HE student support online

As the web, online and elearning developer at the University of Leicester’s Student Support and Development unit it is my objective that we are seen as the leading light in the sector when it comes to our web presence. By going through the The Times Good University Guide 2010 and reviewing what other institutions are doing will enable me to benchmark our performance.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this is not as yet a complete list. Although the review may not be present here is my delicious list of other university student support services.

1. Oxford University

  • The Disability Advisory Service although not visual that greatly stimulating has good links to policies and key information. There is also a good focus on advice for staff, including advice for staff members with disabilities.  The student pages contain similar information to the UoL pages, the extra pieces of content I like are the  Disability Fact Sheets and the virtual campus tour, the later is a good mash-up of a google map that includes 360 panorama images of the campus and access advice.
  • The content of the Careers service is very similar to our own, although very much written from the perspective of user type. The pages are very clean in there presentation.
  • The Skills Portal is a good platform for Postgraduate Researcher. I like the links of the training programme to the Joint Skills Statement.

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