Restructuring the AccessAbility website

Today we restructured the AccessAbility website, grouping the service into four key areas and two hidden areas. Here are the areas, their current status and planned future improvements.

Access Support

  • Exam arrangements – explores the possible arrangements and how to put them in place.
  • Assessed work cover sheet – what it is and how to use it. This area could be developed by including examples.
  • Library Support – whats on offer and links to the library. This area could use some pictures.
  • Accommodation – arranging specialist accommodation and how to apply. Imagery needed.
  • Departmental Support – Support available from departments and list of AccessAbility Tutors
  • Dyslexia Assessment – Information for students already with assessment and the steps of process for new students. This could be improved by some videos describing the process and what it involves.
  • Loan of Equipment – Laptops, dictaphones etc. available for students to loan.

Explore Development Opportunities

This area needs a more attractive and explanatory front page.

  • Attend a workshop: Dynamic area listing all of the up and coming workshops.Only concern about this area is that AAC don’t run many workshops. Possible need to feed more in from SD as we are doing with Access to Employability.
  • Access to Employability – Links to the work related learning site in Student Development
  • Dyslexia Group – This area needs developing, a full explanation of what the group offers and the benefits to the students. Could use resources from previous session e.g. Blackboard, making ICT more accessible.

Improve you Study Skills

  • Study advice: a summery of the services on offer to students including one-to-ones
  • Interactive study guides: Guides covering; Time Management and Organisation, Active Reading, Improving Concentration, Preparing for Exams, Essay Writing, Writing a Dissertation, Making Notes, Spelling Strategies, Note-Taking in Lectures, Memory Skills. Need to improve the presentation to this area, brief summary of the content of the guides and remove the feedback questionnaire links.
  • Distance Learning Support: A summery of services offered. A development in this area will be the Virtual One-to-One Services, this will need a full explanation of how access.

This area needs better links to the Academic Skills development of Student Development site.

Using the Centre

  • AccessAbility Centre Staff: Full list of contact details
  • Opening Hours
  • Where to find the centre
  • Services for students: Including facilities
  • Contact Us: Book an appointment

Information for students

These are portal page for students (that still needs prioritising). There will be a portal for Current and Prospective students. Areas covered:

  • Student with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students with Asperger Syndrom/Autism
  • Disclosure of Disablity: Advice and guidance to students about disclosure.
  • Access to campus: This is currently a link to an independent review of the UoL campus. This area could do with linking to an interactive map, possible a mash-up google map with photos of the campus.

Information for Staff

  • Information for AccessAbility Tutors: The handbook, online version
  • Dyslexia Guidelines
  • Marking and assessment
  • Spotting the signs of Dyslexia
  • Social Model of Disability
  • Including students with Asperger Syndrome – guidelines

Future Development Areas

This is by no means a complete website and still needs further developments, key areas include:

  • University Policy a strategy – links to key documentation
  • Key facts – summaries of specific learning difficulties, this could be a helpful resource for staff to assist in spotting these difficulties in students
  • Advice for staff with accessibility issues
  • Use of Delicious to link to external resources
  • Key feature of the site is it needs to be found using the university search engine via the words: Disability and Dyslexia

If you have any further ideas of content that should be available on a site like this please comment.

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