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At the moment we are revamping the employers pages of our website, this has got me thinking about new ways of engaging with employers. For a while I’ve been giving talks to students advocating how powerful LinkedIn is as a tool for them to engage with employers. So following my own advice, this got me think: Could we as a Careers Service use it to engage with employers?

The method I would propose would be to create a LinkedIn Group called the University of Leicester Employers Forum. This could be used to promote Careers Fairs, Events and also promote engagement internship/placement programmes to the employers. The challenges would include recruiting and getting the employers to join, managing the membership and keeping the group active.

But this raises a larger question of do we let students join the group? Having such a forum for student to talk directly to employers and ask question would be powerful thing, but could become confusing with a mixture of messages if the group was primarily designed to get employers to engage with university events. I know other careers services have created LinkedIn Groups for students, but would it be too much to expect employers to join this also?

I’d be interested in an approaches other Institutions have taken to managing LinkedIn Groups and whether they are using them to engage employers directly.


  1. We should definitely create this group. Re students joining – like you suggest – could be confusing. But as the employer pages will be quite separate we wouldn’t be promoting the group to students – just employers. We should make it prominent on the employer pages too. Can we pull in a linked in widget in Plone? If not then maybe an RSS feed via the feedmixer? Good work 🙂


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