I was really disappointed to see the disappearance of the Apture Plugin from my WordPress blog. It offered really dynamic web features like linking to twitter, Linkedin, Flickr Documents and YouTube Videos without reader having to leave my blog posts. However there is a get round.

By inserting a piece of code into the footer of your wordpress blog the highlight and Apture view functionality still exists. The code looks something like this and hear are the instruction of how to insert.

<script id=”aptureScript” type=”text/javascript”  src=”http://www.apture.com/js/apture.js?siteToken=tokenunique”  charset=”utf-8″></script>

However although this has enabled the functionality, it still requires user t6o know to highlight words and links to launch it. If you want to direct users to specific content in an Apture window you can add class=”aptureEnhance” into the HTML of any hyperlinks you insert into your blog post, as I have done in all the links in this post. It also work well with social media for example here are some of my accounts:


  1. It’s weird. Wonder why it’s disappeared? Like I said when we chatted about it – if you don’t uninstall it it still works if it can identify a link. Hope it comes back


  2. Hi there, thank you for the help & twitts. Yet, I have the new code plasted above the Tag, but I do not see what is the difference !
    – Is it that thanks to this code, users can highlight any word and have extra information on apture ? (if so, it is sad the content is only in english… her I rather speak french !!!)so… the code does not make the buttons come back !? You suggest to make the links as it was before (pop-up window) – like in your post above – by adding class=”aptureEnhance” to the HTML… I did so, but nothing happens… do I have to declare such class on a CSS or somewhere !? Well… if not, lets go back to the old sad links version… 🙁 waiting for some updates ! :-)thanks again, nice day. A.


  3. YOUPI, Now I found out !!! It is just that I had not clicked ** Auto Enhace ** On the setting pages ! (in my apture account) Thank-you !!!


  4.  Alun says just paste the Apture Java script from the installations instructions (once logged into Apture) into the footer.php file within appearance > editor > just above the tag Worked for me 🙂


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