Future- Proofing PDP and e-Portfolio Developments

A University of Reading, Thursday 18 June 2009

Using Web 2.0 tools to build ePortfolios for life

Based upon the findings of a research project carried out at the University of Leicester, this workshop will give you a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to construct an ePortfolio and PDP evidence recording system using Web 2.0 technologies.

As at many institutions, the University of Leicester uses Institutional Usernames to enable their students to access their learning and ePortfolio system. However, when the students graduate and leave the institution they lose the access to these materials. Therefore the research project endeavoured to find a solution that would enable the students to construct a meaningful ePortfolio, using non-institutional Web 2.0 technologies that could be used during their time at University and beyond. The finding have since been delivered and implemented in teaching course for Biological Sciences and this workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the solution and construct your own ePortfolio.



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