The Social Media Brain

It is believed the neanderthal died out because they never developed a ‘Social Brain’, meaning that when the ice-age hit Europe their species were not social enough to resource the tools,  food and shelter the needed to survive, unlike the human race.

I am noticing the same thing happen in the workplace and education, that in-order to survive you need the develop a ‘Social Media Brain‘. To be able to collaborate, communicate and resource information quickly and effectively via social media.  Although I consider myself fairly Social Media savvy, one of my new years resolutions for 2010 is to use some of the tools at my fingertips more effectively including;

  • Blogging more regularly,
  • More effective note organistation in Evernote,
  • Better task organisation on Remember the Milk,
  • Keeping abreast of developments in elearning/technology by using my Google Reader more efficently,
  • Collaborating more with peers on Friendfeed and twitter
  • Reading and bookmarking more literature on Citeulike

This more social approach to working will help me develop my Social Media Brain and ensure survival.

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