Using social media to develop your personal branding

This evening I presented the concept and tried to demonstrate how Social Media can be a powerful tool in developing your personal brand when starting-up a business to a group of young entrepreneurs. It was a great event organised by Rajinder Bhuhi, who invited Claire Young, former Apprentice on the BBC show and now young business women.

The Presentation I gave was an adaptation of that I gave recently for the Leicester Award. What I tried to do for this event is give examples more closely linked to business.

I also changed the beginning of the talk, for the shock value of ‘Have you googled yourself recently?‘. Since I have started to deliver this talk, I have manged to increase the number of examples and information i have at my disposal, at this event I included the quote:

“According to a 2009 study by Harris Interactive, 45 percent of employers questioned said they used social networks to screen job candidates; 35 percent decided not to hire someone based on what they found”

For this event this was an abridge version, which I managed to keep down to 30 minutes, previous Leicester Award versions have been upto and hour. So this talk is now proving to be quite flexible.

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