Why are my Diigo tags not working?

All of the bookmarks saved in My Diigo Library account have tags assigned to them. The example below show three items tagged ‘diigo’

However when I view all items with a certain tag (tag view), following the example above, all items tagged “diigo”, my account is showing no result.


Fortunately I’ve been backing up all my diigo bookmarks to delicious where the tags still work. I’m currently, as I write this, reimporting all bookmarks from delicous into diigo, to see if this rectifies the problem.



  1. I just noticed the same thing with some alarm today. I have never had trouble with Diigo before.


    1. Yes, just happened to me too. Bit worrying.


      1. same here. What is going on with Diigo!


  2. Thanks for all the comments, it seemed to fix itself over night. Must have been a glitch. Panic over


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