Using Social Media to assist your career revisited

Last week I presented my talk on Using Social Media to assist your career for the University of Leicester’s Leicester Award Programme. One of the delivery methods of the Leicester Award is the Flex Programme, this is an online version of the award. For this I have made a voiced over version of my presentation hosted on SlideShare.

This was an interesting process; initially adapting the slides for SlideShare. As SlideShare doesn’t have the animation features of PowerPoint, to have the ‘reveal impact’ that animation is used for in PowerPoint the slides had to be separated. This made the original 22 slide presentation into a 46 slide presentation. This is also partly due to the fact that website I’d normally navigate to during a face-to-face presentation have to captured into the slides themselves for SlideShare.

The audio for this presentation was record on on Audacity. Audacity enables full editing of audio, it’s interesting how critical I became  knowing this feature is available, often recording section several times and doing a post production edit. Recording presentations like this is a very interesting experience, it’s difficult when you don’t have an audience to bounce off.

For the Flex programme Zara Hooley has created a couple of Prezi presentations, including her Networking Skills Prezi. So I have created a version of my presentation on prezi.

This is a fairly effective resource, into which I have been able to use some extra videos that weren’t used in the SlideShare presentation. However I’m not sure how useful for an online learner, as without some more in-depth of the explanations, some of the concepts may be left understood.


  1. Loved the Prezi presentation! I can see why it may not be as useful as the Slideshare voiceover version, but theoretically there's nothing stopping you from recording a separate audiofile on Audacity. You could then advise people to click through on Prezi as you talk – even if you recorded a 'click trigger' (a beep, for example) to let your students know when to click so that they keep up with you! It would be a little harder to coordinate I suppose, but I personally think Prezi is more engaging as a visual aid because you're interested in where the next 'slide' is going to be!


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