ePortfolio, Blogs and Social Media for Business

Today I presented a talk on ePortfolio, Blogs and Social Media as part of Rajinder Bhuhi’s Enterprise Inc programme. This scheme is designed to support budding entrepreneurs set-up businesses. As part of the assessment and the support package we ask the student to keep a reflective blog, asking them to record and reflect up the training they undertake and the processes they have to go through. Here is the presentation I gave.

This is an adaptation of the materials I use as part of the TULIP internship programme. To make it more relevant to business I included a new section on using a blog to assist in writing project reports and business proposals. The concept of this is, when working on a project; from the development stage to the production of outcomes, by blogging as you go along, when it comes to writing reports you can take elements of your post to construct the document.

This is a methodology Steve Rooney a colleague of mine is also using with a cohort of students. In his project he is getting the students to write about the stages of writing a dissertation, including writing continuous literature reviews.

The second new concept I introduced into my talk to Enterprise students was a section on social media. I didn’t go into to greater detail, but gave an overview of how it can be used to promote yourself to and network with potential business partners. I glade I chose not to, because as I was presenting I discovered they receive a workshop on social marketing later in the programme.

We encourage the students to use WordPress to host their blogs, these are obviously outside of our university systems. I recommend this for sustainability, as at our university post-graduation the students lose their log-ins, hence by using WordPress they can continue to use their blogs beyond their time at univeristy. We therefore need to gather the URLs of the blogs, we achieve this using a Google Form embedded into the BlackBoard course we use to support the programme.

I can’t wait to see some of the reflections the students.

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