Countdown Clock on PowerPoint

After watch this great little tutorial by @jadekelsall on Creating an animated clock effect in PowerPoint

I came across this tutorial on a blog post about 13 Cool E-Learning Ideas You’ll Want to Get Your Hands On. After watching I realised I could achieve a lifelong teaching dream. To recreate the Countdown Clock in PowerPoint. Here is the final result:

I made the Countdown clock by following @jadekelsall spinning hands guide and added the yellow background as follows. (Sorry not as concise as @jadekelsall!)

You don’t have to make this all yourself of course. Here is a copy for you to download: Countdown Clock PowerPoint. This version doesn’t include the sound effect as it would be a breech of copyright to redistribute the the Countdown Theme. However if I was to say:

  1. The music is available here on YouTube
  2. You can use Zamzar to convert to a wav file
  3. and you can add sound to any effect in PowerPoint

You can do the maths.

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