AccessAbility Online Study Guides: Discussion Group Guide

How students found out about the study guides

  • How did you find out about the study guides?
  • Would you have found/used them otherwise?
  • Which study guides have you used?
  • Why did you choose these in particular?
  • Did you have a particular need or was it more of a random approach?

Students’ experience of the study guides

  • What was your initial reaction to the study guides?
  • Did you feel attracted by them?
  • Did you enjoy using them?
  • Did using them require a great deal of effort?
  • Have you used these guides instead of seeing a Study Adviser in the AccessAbility Centre
  • What advantages, if any, do these on-line guides have over the one to one support provided by the AccessAbility Centre?

How students have used the study guides

  • Did you use them online or in other ways e.g. printing out pages, downloading to another medium?
  • If these presentations were offered as podcasts, would you download them?
  • Which format would you prefer – the online version with animation or a simple podcast?
  • Did you go through them all at once or in small chunks?
  • How easy was this process?
  • Did you talk about them with fellow students?
  • Would collaborating have been useful?

Usefulness of the study guides

  • Did you find them useful?
  • If so, in what way were they useful –reinforcing what you already knew, totally new tips and hints, boosting confidence?
  • What elements did you find most useful or attractive – accessibility, appearance, variety, voiceover, text, content, examples, pace?
  • If not useful, why not – appearance, content, pace etc.?

Impact of the study guides

  • What impact do you think the study guides have had on your learning?
  • Did you feel that you learnt what they were trying to teach you?
  • Have the study guides changed your ways of working or your perceptions?
  • Do you have any examples of how they have changed your working methods?
  • Have these changes lasted over time?
  • Do you think your results have improved because of using the study guides?
  • Do you have examples of this improvement?
  • Has anything else improved as a result – enjoyment of course, understanding, time efficiency etc?


  • Can you think of ways in which we could make these presentations more useful to you?
  • Any other suggestions?


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