New Business and Enterprise Learning Website

I have been working with Rahinder Bhuhi of the Enterprise and Business Learning team to redesign their part of the Student Website.

Business and Enterprise Learning off er students training and opportunities to set up their own businesses. They several different schemes; Social Enterprise Way and Enterprising Volunteers are placement projects that are accredited by the Leicester Award, but they also run schemes where students can bid for start-up funds like Enterprise Inc.  The team also provide training  materials, useful links and links to enterprising student societies like Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Leicester Entrepreneurs.

So considering all the requirements this is the new structure we cam up with:

Enterprise new website structure

The main work the team does was categorised into three areas:

  • Why be enterprising: Give the background about what it means to be enterprising, give people to opportunity to sign up for more information (Join PULSE) and read Success Stories of students who have already been involved with enterprise schemes.
  • Enterprise Projects: This brings together the accredited schemes and Student Societies
  • Starting your business: Pulls together the funded schemes and useful links/documents
  • The other areas: About Us, News and Events are consistent with our other websites.

Enterprise New front pageHaving restructure the site, we needed to pull this all together with a easy to navigate and high impact front page. After the success of the the Volunteering site we decided to go with the ‘Three Button Style’. This includes a descriptor of the service, an image and the button links into the areas of the website.

The word cloud image was created using Wordle. The buttons represent not only what the service does, but the level of engagement (right to left), i.e. discovery on the left, to starting a business on the right. There is also a space for a highlighted news item.

Overall I’m pleased with the redesign, my only concern style is the identity crisis the team has. The site is called Business and Enterprise Learning as it is more descriptive PULSE logoas to what the service supplies, but the team use the term PULSE  (Promoting University of Leicester Student Enterprise) and use the this logo as branding. Furthermore in the section Why be enterprising and in a portlet on the front page we say “Join PULSE”. I think we need to incorporate some explanation about what PULSE means into the site.

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