Animated digital signage

We have been using a OneLan Digital Signage system in the Student Development Zone for some time, until now we have been mostly displaying static screens, which are mainly adaptations of our printed flyers. Here are some examples.

This week however, I was challenged by a colleague to see if I could create something a bit more “whizzy” to make it stand out. Here is how I did achieved it:

  1. I produced the slide in PowerPoint as per usual but animated certain elements. With the slide set to 16:9 ratio to fit the screen.
  2. I captured the PowerPoint slideshow using Screenr, triggering the animation at the appropriate points. Here is the Screenr video:

  3. The completed video can downloaded from Screenr in mp4 format.
  4. However the OneLan system only plays videos in mpeg or avi format, so needs to be converted. I did this using, converting the mp4 to mpeg.

The Volunteering Fair example was a fairly basic and questionably unnecessary, but now having discovered the method of how to create animated graphics there is plenty of potential. For example “Make the most of Student Development” a graphic that discribes/demonstrates the initiatives you can get involved in or the types of advice you can get from Student Development.

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