Best Export settings for HD YouTube Videos from Final Cut

Unfortunately when you export a video from Final Cut (Express or Pro) as a standard Quick Time Movie this is rejected by YouTube. To put HD video on YouTube that have been edited in Final Cut I would recommend these  settings. It has taken a bit of experimentation to get here.

Export via ‘Using QuickTime Conversion..” and enter the Options.

When going through the Options leave all options as preset appart from those listed below.


Leave all settings as preset apart from:

  • Compression Type: Mpeg4-video
  • Quality: High


  • Dimensions: HD 1280 x 720 16:9
  • Deinterlace Source Video: Tick


  • Format: AAC
  • Rate: 44.100
  • Quality: Better
  • Target Bit Rate: 192

If you know of any better settings I’d be pleased to hear them.

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