How to put section links in PowerPoint

Often PowerPoint presentations are divided into several sections. This is a handy tip for producing online resources in which seperate sections or parts of PowerPoint presentations can be hyperlinked to via ‘tabs’. The image on the left shows an exmaple. This can be very effective when used with tools like Adobe Presenter. This is a technique I first saw this in my colleague Stuart Johnson’s Plagiarism Tutorial and have used in several resources since, and often get asked how it is done.

Here are the steps to create this.

1. Create a Slide Master template

Create a slide masterHere I have created a simple Slide Master with three variations. Make sure you leave room for your Part tabs on the lefthand side.

2. Create tabs

Still in Slide Master view draw the tabs using the ’rounded corner’ shape and type ‘Part 1’ on it. The default for PowerPoint is to align the text in the centre of the shape. For the alignment of the tabs it is best to position the text at the top of the shape, this can be done via ‘Format Shape’.

3. Duplicate and align the tabs

First rotate the the shape 90 degrees and position it on the lefthand side of the silde. Then copy and paste the shape the required amount of tmes for the number of sections in your presentation. Copy and pasting it will ensure all the tabs are the same size.

Align TabsTo align and distribute the tabs evenly select them all and via the ‘Drawning Tools‘ tab Align the left edges and ‘Distribute Vertically‘.

Finally colour your your shapes to match the template.

4. Make your presentation

Having completed your Slide Master, write your presentation fully. This will enable you to identify where your sections start and end.

5. Insert Hyperlinks to sections

Insert HyperlinksHaving completed writing your presentation, return back to your Slide Master. To enable the tab to hyperlink to the start of a section, select the ‘part’ shape and and go to ‘Inert Hyperlink‘. In PowerPoint there is the option to link to a ‘Place in the Document’. For the Part tabs to work hyperlink the shape to the slide at which that setion/part starts.

6. Hight the section being viewed

Duplicate slide masterYou can leave it at stage 5 if you want, however it can make the presentation more attractive if you highlight being viewed. Highlight tabTo do this copy and paste the Slide Master, so you have one template per section. Then change the colour of the ‘part’ shape for on each of the templates for the relevant part.

7. Assign layouts to slides

Exit the Slide Master and  go back through the presentation assigning the appropriate layout to the slides in each section.

Your slides will end up looking like this and when you are in presentation view when you hover over the shape (tab) it can be clicked on to link to the section.

Four parts

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