Enterprise Inc Case Studies

Enterprise Inc is a one of the opportunity projects our Enterprise Learning Team offer to students. This scheme gives students bursaries for start-up fund to set-up their enterprises and business training and development. This is a scheme offered at nine East Midlands universities. The videos have been produced to showcase the Enterprise Inc business creation model using the examples below.

I have produced these case studies with Rajinder Bhuhi.

Owain Griffiths and Dominic Shaw

This pair of De Montfort University students have set up a tailoring business called Head and Griffths.

Rajinder allowed me to be be quite inventive with the editing of these videos. The highlights of this clip are the four quadrant multi-colour and the compilation of suites.

Head and Griffths

The challenge to producing these is in the alignment of the images, this is achieved in Final Cut by adjusting the center point, scaling and cropping. The multi-colour effect is done using a colorization filter.

Becky White

Becky is a Loughborough University student who has set up a fitness business called onesixeight:fitness

The highlight of this clip is the split screen scene. Becky provided us with some great promotional shots, we accompanied this some footage we shot of here trampolining. I like the transition to this where it goes from a full screen shot of the still to this split. The split is achieved by distorting the footage and making it black and white.

Musarat Awan

This University of Leicester Student. This is actually a re-purposed video I produced previously.

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