Jazzing-up event advertising

In SSDS we schedule and promote numerous events, for the Postgraduate event The Winning Team we’ve tried a couple of different things:

Advert Video

Part of the programme includes an activity called Winning Team Dragons Den, based upon the format of the popular BBC TV show, participants bid for funding for an enterprising project. To raise awareness of this activity we created this short promotional video/advert.

Most of the videos I have produced previously are interview, documentary and information based this clips. This is my first attempt at an advert. Most of the editorial decisions for this were made by the quality of the footage, this was filmed by a colleague who is inexperienced with a camera. The footage was overexposed (due to the large window), a but shaky and the audio wasn’t loud enough. This meant I could only use brief clips and those I did use had to have colouring and motion effects added to them. The clips were only really to show the students that had taken part previously and the Dragons. Therefore to fill out the advert, to do this I used an image of some flames and animated text statements. For the music in the clip I wanted to use Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet – Montagues and Capulets, Dance Of The Knights otherwise known as the theme from The Apprentice, unfortunately due to copyright restrictions I couldn’t. Instead I used a classical sound-loop from GarageBand covered by a creative commons licence.

Student Feedback

We created a page of Student Feedback, this is nothing new but I jazzed it up with using table styles and images. However for the Learning Objectives page, which can sometimes be a bit dry we tried to put them into context and liven the page up a bit with a clip of one of last years participants speaking about what she got out of the event, highlight the learning objectives with animated text.

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