Student Communication Team Video

This is a project I have been working on with Valerie Matthew-Lane a Careers Adviser in SSDS. This is a promotional video for the Student Communication Team (SCT) that is designed to state what it involves to be part of the SCT and the development opportunities that arise from it. Being part of the SCT is also accredited by the Leicester Award so this video has been deployed on the the website.

This was quite an easy video to make, it involved filming three student, the two males students Alex and Steven on the same day, hence the same background. This caused a bit of an issue, due to both having the same camera alignment, when transition between the two it looked like Alex was transforming into Steven. This meant the transition between them had to be covered with a picture.

The other mistake I made with the recording was filming Victoria against a window. The idea behind this shot was to have an interesting background. However what this resulted in overexposure leaving Victoria as a silhouette, reminiscent of someone being interviewed on the news who didn’t want to be identified. I was able to partly correct this in the edit using the Colour Correction features of Final Cut, but this does mean the background is mostly lost and the image isn’t as sharp as it could be. Lesson learned, always film with the light behind or to the side of you.

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  1. Hi Matt. Really good job with this – and really good idea too. My only concern is that it's v much focussed on just careers (one guy even mentions 'Careers Service') – but that's a product of the historic focus of SCT, not your video. Well done with it


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