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Last week the University of Leicester upgraded it’s Virtual Learning Environment to BlackBoard 9, a project for which I sat on the project-board. As part of the upgrade the Student Support and Development Service have been given are own tab. On the previous version we used to have one box on the front page of the system, however it has been decided the front page will only be used for institutional content. It will be interesting the impact our movement to the tab has, as anything we used to advertise in the box used to receive alot of web-traffic. The tab has the advantage that more content can be displayed. Here is the current set-up of the tab I have created.


It is currently made up of five areas:

  • The red area (a HTML box) are links to each individual service with a brief description of the service. The description has been taken directly from the front page of the SSDS website.
  • The green area (a HTML box) I have currently filled this the word-cloud below. I made this out of keywords that relate to the services we offer.SSDS word cloud
    This is by no means a fixed object, this box is the prime position on the page so will be used to advertise the most important things.
  • The purple box is an RSS feed that will list the up-coming SSDS events. This is populated by any event posted on the website by any service.
  • The orange box is also an RSS feed of SSDS News, once again this a list all the news items posted by any service on their websites.
  • The blue box, called Follow SSDS, this lists all the social media accounts we use across SSDS:

Future developments

We definitely have another HTML box at our disposal that we will probably use more towards the start of term when new events and initiatives are launched.

In the future I hope to get another RSS box for ‘Jobs, Internships and Work Placements’ feeding from the Student Development site when we have finalised the details.

If any teams/members of SSDS have an event or initiative they would like to advertise on the BlackBoard, you know where to contact me.

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  1. Nice work, Matt. Will be interesting to what the difference in traffic is. I understand the reasons for wanting to reserve the front page for institutional stuff but I imagine our traffic will decrease. Nice to have so much more space to play with and RSS in 🙂


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