Social Enterprise Way Video

Recently I have produced this video with my colleague Ranjit Kaur about the Enterprise Team’s Social Enterprise Way project.

This was quite a sophisticated video project as it involved filming four interviews in four different locations.

  • Student interview and student workshop footage. This was filmed in the meeting room in the Student Development Zone (SDZ) in the David Wilson Library (DWL), University of Leicester. Initially this was the only recording we intended to make, however after a quick edit we soon realised they didn’t explain the project in enough detail. Hence we decided to extend the project.
  • Rajinder’s footage was filmed on the corridor of the DWL with the SDZ sign in the background. This interview was intended to explain the details of the project.
  • Ranjit’s footage was filmed on the staircase of the DWL. This interview was intend to explain how student’s can get involved with the project.
  • John Montague’s (Chief Executive of the TREES Group) interview was filmed on location at his office, along with the footage of Ranjit and John talking. The purpose of this interview was to explain the benefit to the employer of students working for him and what it was like collaborating with the University of Leicester on the project.

As per usual each interview was filmed two or three times with different angles. Once all the footage was filmed, we had approximately an 1.5 hours of footage. This needed to be edited down to a 2 minute clip summerising the project. All the editing was done on Final Cut, it soon became apparent that we didn’t have enough stock footage so we used some still images of previous Social Enterprise events. This worked quite well as I shows that more students have been involved than just the two students interviewed.

Title SceneTo top and tail the video this required making an intro and exit scene. For this we put together a collage of some of the images used in the video. I got the inspiration for this from the recent Alfa Romeo Giulietta advert.

To play alongside this we produced a short sound loop in Garangeband.

Although I’m pretty happy with this video, as this is a partly a personal development blog there are a few of things that could be improved upon and that i should be careful of in the future.

Rajinder scenceIn the scene with Rajinder she looks like she is wearing the light in the SDZ like a hat or a UFO is hovering above her head! Lesson learnt consider the hole scene.

In the scene with Ranjit with I have cut the top of her head off. This isn’t too offensive although cropped heads should really only be used for close head shots. Furthermore filming this scene on staircase of the DWL as it was very echoy and the air-conditioning was loud.

When we filmed the students we filmed three versions of the interview. Initially both at the same time then two individual interviews. However for these interviews I didn’t reposition the camera, hence in Fredrik’s interview he is positioned on the left of the screen and he is also look off the the left of the screen. This makes the picture look a little unbalanced. What I should have done is repositioned the interviewer to the otherside of the camera (as shown below) so that he would be looking to the right of the screen.

Please don’t let this self critique ruin you viewing, hope you enjoy the video.

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