YouTube in PowerPoint

This is something I get asked to help with quite often, so thought I’d write a quick post to save me time in the long run. Here’s a quick tutorial:

In summery of the video:

  1. Turn on the Developer Tab via PowerPoint Options
  2. On the developer tab go to: Controls -> More Controls. Select Shockwave Flash Object
  3. Draw a box. Go to the Properties
  4. Under Movie copy and paste the URL of the Youtube movie. Delete ‘watch?’ and replace = with /
  5. Loop = False to play once
  6. Playing = False to control when played


  1. That's brilliant! I didn't know you could do that. There were 2 "=" though in my randomly selected YouTube url – I deleted the first one and that worked a treat


  2. Great stuff,

    Thanks for posting this. Matt.

    Next question: is it possible to cook a decent risotto on an electric cooker..?


    1. Re Risotto, I would say so. Plenty of stock and lots of time (not the herb, although that would be nice in a chicken risotto)


  3. Thanks matt! this really is idiot proof! (however maybe not quite Ranjit proof!) I got there in the end! success!


  4. Thanks Matt – very easy to use and great results!


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