T-Shirts, Printers and Babel Fish

This weekend my sister returned home for a visit, as per usual she came with a project on her mind. This weekends project was T-Shirt making. She and her friends are having a party for which they want each attendee to have a personalised t-shirt. Having done some market research and discovering commercial companies charge approximately £15 a shirt, therefore she decided to go for the home made option. She primed with a bunch of Primark £2 t-shirts and a pack of transfer paper we she set about her project.

However the fundamental part of this project, the printer, was typically out of toner. The printer was a Hewlett Packard, so we headed to PC world to get a new set only to discover a set of replacement cartridge would cost approximately £40! It was at this point we were approached by a Kodak sales rep, who, to cut a long story short persuaded me to purchase a Kodak ESP 5250. This was really for three key reasons:

  • Wireless printing. This is something I had been considering of late anyway.
  • The price of Kodak Ink. To replace to whole set will on cost £18.
  • It has an iPhone App. The Kodak App enables you to print directly to your wireless printer from an iPhone or iPad.

So far I have been delighted with the Print quality is good, the wireless works well over a long distance and unlike my experience with HP printers doesn’t install a load of crap on your computer.

With the new printer my sister happily progressed with her project. Seeing her do her project inspired me to do some t-shirt making of my own. I’ve always been a fan of the cult print t-shirt, however for sometime I feel I’ve had some thing missing from my collection. I’m a huge fan of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (as you may have noticed from the name of this blog). I grew up on the TV series which had some classic imagery which would be perfect for t-shirts, especially that icon the Babel Fish. So following my sister lead I worked on by project.

I downloaded this image of the Babel Fish from the bbc.co.uk/cult. Unfortunately this was a low resolution pictures, where the t-shirt need to be 300dpi.  Plus the fact it had the labeling which I didn’t want on my t-shirt.

Babel Fish BBC So I edited the image in Photoshop, initially creating a 300pdi image insert the BBC picture. Inevitably with it already been a low resolution picture enlarging it only made the pixelation worse. So I decided to remake to image by ‘tracing’ it. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as I have only really dabbled with Photoshop, so not only was this project a personal enterprise, but a learning curve. I taught myself about making effective use of the shape, layering and alignment features to created this image.

My Babel Fish Once completed and printed, I ironed it onto a £3 ASDA t-shirt. This is probably a huge breech of copyright, but I hope this inspires the BBC to follow my lead and produce some cult clothing.

Having made this one , my next set of Hitchhiker’s will be based around the Paranoid Android Marvin alongside some of his catchphrases and slogans:

  • Life. Don’t talk to me about Life.
  • Your plastic pal who’s fun to be with
  • Here I am brain the size of a planet

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