Augmented Reality: The future of advertising

After watching the Gadget Show and seeing Suzi Perry’s augmented reality advert I have done some investigation into how this works. There are several versions and uses for augmented reality, but this is one of the most fun and could be used for promotions or business cards. Well worth trying at home.

This video shows the final result, where you can hold up a piece of paper to a webcam and the video starts playing.

This created using, an augmented reality generator. See it working for yourself:

  1. Download and print this Augmented Reality pdf
  2. Visit the url of my video
  3. Allow your webcam to be used
  4. Hold up the piece of paper to the camera and enjoy

How I created this

  1. I made a short video in a .mov format
  2. Converted the video .flv format using
  3. This can be uploaded to
  4. Press publish and you are laughing.

How it works

I think this works by giving your video a unique url, the piece of paper is of paper is a standard print out with the logo on it. The paper triggers the video to play on that url.

The future

The developments I would like to see in this area are:

  • a standard basic player that is embeddable into a website.
  • The ablity to create more sophisticated graphics, although these are possible as can be seen on this Econsultancy blog post.

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