Overly Pretentious Profile for SSDS website

Today I had to write a shot profile for my staff page on the SSDS Website. Here is the overly pretentious mumbo-jumbo I came up with.

Matt’s role in SSDS is to implement new and emerging technologies and elearning practice into all the SSDS services to improve service delivery.

Matt’s completed a Physics BSc at the University of Leicester and went on to do a PGCE in Secondary Science. After a short period in the classroom Matt returned to the University of Leicester working for the Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA).

Matt has always been an enthusiast of technology, but it wasn’t until his time at the BDRA where his enthusiasm was combined with pedagogical theory and his understanding of the potentials of the use of technology in education emerged.

This understanding enabled him to make the move over to Student Support and Development Service in 2008.

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