App of the Week: Dragon Dictate

This is an amazing app, especially considering it is free. Whether you use it for accessibility purposes or sheer laziness it is mind-blowing.

We use the PC version in the AccessAbility Centre, which although very sophisticated, can sometimes be frustrating having to train it to your voice etc. This app requires no training, you can launch it, start recording and it will convert whatever you say into text.

It also has some nice features like a full punctuation set and text formatting, so you can use phrases like “full stop” or “new paragraph” and it will insert the command into the text.

Once you have completed your recording it can be used in several ways. On the iPhone the text can be sent by SMS. On iPhone and iPod Touch the text can be used in an email, tweeted or used to update Facebook status. The social network details are stored in the app, so updates are instant.

So what is the future for this app? The AccessAbility Centre currently supplies some of it’s students with Olympus Dictaphones which cost approximately £100. With great accessibility tools like this should we start supplying iPod touches, which are only a few pounds more and have so many other features.

This app could also be a researchers dream. I haven’t spoken into the app at normal talking pace as yet, but if it is good enough it could automatically transcribe interviews.

Even if this is not possible, thank-you Dragon for a great app. Download the app from itunes.

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  1. I downloaded this too but don't have a headphone set with mic to try it out with yet (hoping that someone might notice I could do with one for my birthday in september!). If it could cope with transcription, that would indeed be incredible! I was looking at soundpaper (iPad app) the other day and wondered if that would be useful for focus group meetings too (records sound while you write/ draw, clicking on your notes plays back the associated audio).


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