Social Enterprise Way Video Blogs

Today I gave my ePortfolio talk to our Social Enterprise Way students. We are encouraging them to reflect upon the work they do when setting up or working with social enterprises.

However with this group of students we are getting them to embed multimedia, in particular video diaries into their blogs. This will be a small scale pilot of our failed JISC bid MOBILE.

To do this the students can upload their videos to WordPress and they appear in their blogs as hyperlinks like this enterprise video. The limitation to this is that a free only allows 3GB of uploads, however it does enable them to keep their reflections more private.

The other option we presented to the students was to upload the videos to YouTube, this would enable them to embed the videos directly into the blog post, like this.

The disadvantage of this is that the video have to be public, hence reflections me no be too in-depth.

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