Email sent from SSDS director acount about Graduate Success

I recently blogged about a project I have been working on called Graduate Success. This is the email sent by SSDS director to all University of Leicester Colleagues about it:

Dear Colleague

I would like to draw your attention to the launch of the University of Leicester’s ‘Graduate Success Job Hunting Guide’, and ask you to take every opportunity to pass on details of this fantastic resource to our graduates.

Launched to coincide with the degree congregations, The Graduate Success Job Hunting Guide is an innovative, engaging and interactive website offering bite-sized advice and useful resources for recent graduates on a range of key areas. Topics covered include how to identify and find suitable employers & vacancies, how to make effective applications and successfully navigate all stages of the recruitment and selection process, how to create an effective career action plan, and where to go to for further support and advice.

To see the Graduate Success Job Hunting Guide for yourself, please log onto

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