New Volunteering Homepage

Today I work with our soon to be leaving intern Helena on the Volunteering part of the Student Development website. Here is the redesigned homepage.

We have made five distinct changes to the highlighted areas of of the page:

  • At the top of the page (the blue box) we have made the most important areas of the site more obvious by giving the Why Volunteer, Volunteering Projects and Volunteering Award each an individual icon button. These are .jpg images 163px x 94px big.
  • We decided to make the page more attractive with the inclusion of a letter box image (the red box). This is a picture taken during the Chinese Cultural Exchange volunteering project at a local primary school.
  • Below the picture we present news items. There is an area (orange box) for high importance news items. On this page we have highlighted the The Student Union Award Contact won for best Association. Thanks to David for sending me the logo.
  • This page is actually a Plone Collection and the criteria area set to display the most recent Volunteering News Items with a picture (purple box). The volunteering team are one of the few teams we can take this approach with as they are one of the most regular posters of news and always use good images related to the stories.
  • I have added a new portlet for the Volunteering Bulletin (green box), this something the team produce every week to highlight the most recent volunteering opportunities. I have created a graphic for this portlet of a newspaper, hope it is appropriate?

The final alteration made to the site today was the jazzing up of the Events area. The volunteering team always call this the Events Diary, hence we made this graphic of a calendar to supplement this. It is made up of pictures for volunteering project and highlights the times of year certain events happen.

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