I have upgraded my blog

Having been a very satisfied wordpress.com user for a while now I made the life changing decision to upgrade my blog, as I found myself getting increasingly frustrated at the inability to embed and share content on my original blog. With thanks to advice from @stujohnson, his blog post I’ve just entered a whole new world and several tutorials I think I’m finally there.

Setup and installation

  1. Finding a hosting service:  Like Stuart and other colleagues I went for Siteground.
  2. When registering with Siteground you have to register a domain name. This is a tough decision as I becomes your identity. I went for http://mjmobbs.com because mjmobbs is online identity i use on most social networks.
  3. Once hosting space and domain are chosen the next step is to download and install wordpress onto the hosting service. WordPress can be downloaded from wordpress.org and this helpful guide assisted me install it. To FTP the files to siteground I used the old faithful Filezilla.
  4. The final stage was to direct my old wordpress.com blog to the new URL. This turned out not to be to difficult following these instructions. However initially I followed the wrong instructions and actually redirected new domain to my old blog! The mistake I made was changing my new domain DNS to the wordpress.com DNS. This wasn’t hard to correct, but it is frustrating having to wait for the internet to catch-up and remap the sites.

Personalising your blog

Once installed you have to choose the appearance and functionality of the blog. The appearance or theme I went for is Titan, I like this because it is clean and most adaptable to the plugins.

It is also very useful for presenting code. This is something I blog abut regularly, as I often discuss embed codes etc. e.g.

The 'Preformatted' style of the theme enables large amounts of code to be written, unlike some of the themes it copes with large amount of text by presenting it in a scroll box

I know this is the same theme @stujohnson uses, but I hope he sees imitation as the best form of flattery. If you can suggest equally effective themes I’d appreciate it.

To make the blog more functional, the hosted version has a much larger range of plugins. So far I used:

  • Find me on: this add the attractive social network icons to the left-hand side.
  • Apture: this enables these previews of websites
  • IntenseDebate: This enables more engaging commenting.
  • Twitter for wordpress: This displays my most recent twitter posts.


Part of the peronalisation is the name of the blog. I went for Forty2, this is a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams. As we all know 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything, and that is exactly what I hope to discus on this blog. I hope it’s not confusing that the name is different to the URL?

The future of my blog

What I’m looking forward to is:

  • more flexibility in what I can embed and share on my blog.
  • experimenting with more plugins
  • I also plan to make more effective use of the categories

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  1. Nice blog! Don't forget to install the WPtouch iPhone Theme. And let me know if you figure out how to get rid of the annoying 'X' bullets


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