The Lesson of Social Networking

After reading this Son of SoTI blog posting What a first-time Twitter user sees and making the comment.

However…You don’t have to follow the spammers.

I think this has one of the key social network lessons learnt from Facebook.

When everone started using Facebook they became almost competitive over the number friends they had. Then discovered this can be chaotic and the information about ‘Real friends’ can be lost in the noise.

The migration to Twitter as the (my) ‘Social Network of choice’ has enable a clean slate. Making me more selective over who i follow, to ensure you only receive stuff your interested in.

This made me consider: What are the “key lessons” and “unwritten rules” of social networking.

Here is a starter for 10:

  1. Always consider what your sharing.
  2. Make what your sharing as accessible to your followers as you can. E.g. provide short URL  hyperlinks (TinyURL).
  3. Don’t follow too many people.
  4. Use multiple accounts for different networks (?) e.g. Social/Educational

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