So close yet so far with Flickr Annotated image embedding

Having thought my colleague Stuart and I (with the help of @Alun) had found a solution for embedding Flickr images with Mbedr, I ahve stumbled upon a problem.

Mbedr produces an iframe code like this.

<object data="" type="text/html" height="500" width="210"><a  href=""  title="Covering letter by UoL Student Support and Development Service, on Flickr"  target="_blank"><img  src=""  width="210"  height="500" alt="Covering letter"/></a></object> 

Mbedr has a limited width of 500px. I thought by altering the size of the iframe in the embed code the picture would adjust. Alas no, for some reason the image remains at the preview size. Here is an example of a frame adjusted to 500px wide by 1190px height.


  1. Bummer. And the annotations aren’t appearing in the embed anyway. Could you do a letter of more photo-like proportions?


    1. I don’t think it’s a Plone problem. For some reason Mbedr doesn’t rescale the images


  2. Huh. It’s been a while since I looked at the mbedr code, but I bet I can remove that restriction. I’ll look into it.


    1. Up until now, mbedr had only ever used the “medium” size images from flickr, and the longest dimension of a medium image is 500 pixels. So, a 500×1190 image was being forced to 210×500. I’ve rewritten that part of the code so you can now select the Flickr-specified sizes of “Small”, “Medium”, “Medium 640”, “Large” and “Original”. 

      See, for example:


      1. Thanks Josh. Did you write the original app?


        1. Yup! Well, I put it together, anyway; it uses ideas from a bunch of other places.


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