Reflect for Students – video animation

This week saw the campus wide launch of Reflect, the lecture capture service at the University of Leicester. Whilst I have been involved in several phases of the project, this one I am particularly proud of. The requirement was to produce a video that informed learners about the Reflect and the benefits of it in their learning. Whilst a number of colleagues were involved in generating ideas for the video, a particular thanks has to go to Alex Mitchell, the Students’ Union Education Officer, who edited the script and provided the voice over. Here is the final video:

It is also been shown on the big screen in the Students’ Union building, which ‘self indulgent’ tweet demonstrates.

Illustration on Graphics
Illustration on Graphics

The video was created using Videoscribe, although all the images were illustrated by myself on Graphics on the iPad. To achieve this, I drew the entire picture on a 1280px x 720px canvas. To get Videoscribe to animate the video, I followed the technique outlined in this tutorial. By placing the individual elements that needed to be animated on a 480px x 480px canvas, and then tracing a Path over them that I wanted the Videoscribe Hand to follow. It is important to make the line thick and cover the entire object. Once the path is drawn, turn the Opacity to 0%, so the line is invisible. This ensures the line does not appear on the image, but is present for the Hand to animate. The image below demonstrates this.


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