Today I produce one of the planned series of support guides to help my colleagues in SSDS improve their ICT and web skills.  This guide on Editing images for the […]

The Social Media Brain

It is believed the neanderthal died out because they never developed a ‘Social Brain’, meaning that when the ice-age hit Europe their species were not social enough to resource the […]

Lego Man Skeleton

With all the Technical Lego I have collected since I was a teenager, one of my personal projects for 2010 will be to build a six foot scale model of […]

Today I went to a really interesting University of Leicester event focusing e-assessment. The purpose of the event was see current practice and think about how e-assessment could be further […]

A Student Support and Development Service and GENIE CETL Project investigating the retention of students in higher education. Meet with Martin Pennington and team to discuss the design. The site […]

The University of Leicester’s Student Support and Development Service are currently running at graduate internship scheme called TULIP. We are encouraging the students to record their experiences by creating an […]