Social Media Dingbats

I have been recently ask to give a talk on the use of social media and how online identity can impact on the impression given to employers and the prospects of getting a job.

I’d thought I’d start the talk with one of my new obsessions Dingbats. Here is one I created early. See if you can solve the Dingbat and work out the metaphoric link to the subject of the talk.

stallion mare. Starter, Fish, Mai, DessertTemplate taken from Dingbats iPhone App. Comes highly recommended.

12 thoughts on “Social Media Dingbats

      • Yeah – it probably helped we had the original Dingbats when I was young, and got a bit obsessed with cryptic crosswords last month (without much success). Your one makes a lot more sense than most of the original dingbats did (which is meant as a compliment)!

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